Jared Wikeepa

Born and raised in new zealand I have always loved art and started drawing at a young age. I later decided to pursue a career in the digital art industry. I completed my Bachelor of Media Arts in 2010 at the Waikato Institute of Technology. I am Always looking to learn new art forms and build upon the skills I have already gained.

3D Modeling and Animation
 - Character modeling and rigging
- Texture maps
- 3D Animation
- Maya and ZBrush
- Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS4
Moving Graphics
- 2D  and 3D Animation
- Adobe After Effects CS4
- HTML and CSS
- Flash  website and Animation
- Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver CS4
Graphic Design
- identity design
- layout and composition
- Adobe Illustrator CS4


Currently working as a guest lecturer at life way college.
I teach the matte painting and VFX modules.